The Rich History of O.K. Electric Supply


1919 - Present








Formed in 1919 by Olsen & Kaufman (the "O.K" in O.K. Electric Supply), the company was originally located in the shopping district of Perth Amboy, and catered to the commercial and residential markets. The company had a showroom that featured lighting fixtures and appliances



Perth Amboy's waterfront location had excellent access which helped fuel the growth of industry.Companies such as R.H. Chemical, Americal Smelting & Refining, General Cable, Standard Oil, Cheeseboro Ponds, and Celotex chose to locate their manufacturing facilities here.


1954 Fire destroys previous location



By the late 1960's, O.K. Electric Supply moved out of the shopping district to its current location at 224 Washington Street,and changed it's focus to the industrial market in New Jersey. In 1968, O.K. Electric Supply instituted one of the first System Contracts in New Jersey with the ESSO Refinary, and over the years became a key supplier to Fortune 500 companies around the state.




 The team in the 1970's:

In 1986, O.K. Electric Supply was acquired by Bernard Erickson Sr., John W. Nesti, and Bernard Erickson, Jr.The new team updated the companies operations and under the vision of Erickson JR. expanded from its traditional focus in industrial Electrical distribution into the burgeoning energy conservation arena. 



 from left:Ed Muchmore,Bernie Erickson SR., Leo Kaufman



Sadly, In 1992, Bernie Erickson Sr. passed away. An industry icon, his absence was felt by all. His son Eric succeeded him and with Bernie and Jack strove to carry on his legacy. Later that year, a new 6,000 square foot lighting and automation laboratory was opened - "The Power & Lighting Technical Training Center", to coincide with the formation of the Energy Solutions Group: a division created to perform turnkey energy conservation retrofits.




In 1994, a sales office was opened in Washington, DC. This sales office led to large scale energy conservation retrofit projects for such clients as The World Bank, the Department of Defense, and Military Sea-lift Command.





 Through the years, Eric served in different roles as he learned the business.He began his journey in the warehouse, moved into inside sales, followed by outside sales, and ultimately became the company's Executive Vice-President, running the overall operations of the organization .


Bernard J. Erickson, Jr, also learned the many different aspects of the business by working in each role firsthand, eventually ascending to President & CEO of the company. His direction helped the company transform from a simple electrical supplier to become an Energy Conservation powerhouse. His vision of "Energy Solutions" transformed the organization into a leader in the Energy Conservation industry.


When John Nesti retired in 2005, Leon Mowadia, Jr. and David Attardi became equity partners in the company, both as Vice-Presidents. Leon and Dave had joined the company several years earlier from Atlantic Lighting, a pioneering lighting supply organization founded by leon's father.With the new team in place, Leon coordinated marketing efforts while teaming with Eric on operations, and David assisted Bernie in heading up the outside sales force. With over 10 years of experience in the lighting and energy conservation fields, both Leon & David brought an added level of professionalism and expertise to an already successful organization.





With a rich history, O.K. Electric Supply provided lighting and electrical products throughout the Metropolitan Area, and was a leader in wholesale electrical distribution. O.K Electric has now ended its operations, but would like to thank all of is customers who throughout the years helped to make it such a success.











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